In the turbulence of 2020, many employees have found themselves in career transition – some with opportunities for redeployment and others in outplacement. Randstad RiseSmart is known for 15+ years of innovation in the outplacement industry and supports more than 3000 clients globally, from over 40 industry segments in 80 countries.

My coach helped me with my resume and cover letter for my new role. She coached me in every stage of the interview. Within 6 weeks of coaching, in 3 rounds of interviews, I finally received a job offer at a global transport company. In the coaching process, she practised with me to remain calm, understand the interviewer’s background and provided relevant information to answer questions in the interview. She is a very knowledgeable and experienced coach in helping me to secure a role with a short time. She has done a brilliant job and I have learnt useful job interview skills. Thank you. I appreciate all your help during this difficult time.”

RandstadRiseSmart Participant, Global IT company

Employees in career transition are constantly amazed at how they achieved their outcomes – 60% faster than the industry average with 83% of those landing in equal or better-paying jobs. We have included real participant feedback to provide an insight into their RiseSmart experience. Here are just 7 reasons why RiseSmart’s single integrated platform accelerates the job search experience.

1) people 

RiseSmart coaches, facilitators, and resume writers are trained and certified through RiseSmart University, evidenced by their digital badges. RiseSmart certification provides global consistency for organisations as their employees go through career transition. RiseSmart prides itself as a centre of talent mobility solutions.

Being made redundant after 20 years in the industry is a hard thing to come to terms with, and my coach went above and beyond to help me moving forward towards the future. No doubt your company has protocols and systems in place, but it was my coach’s personal touch that was the difference in helping me”.

Randstad RiseSmart participant - freight and logistics industry

2) talent mobility teams 

RiseSmart teams are dynamic, integrated, and agile providing unlimited access to a dedicated coach; a resume and professional branding expert; and a career concierge who provides highly targeted job opportunities and supporting research. When an employee requires upskilling or reskilling, a learning adviser provides assessments and training course selection.

Without a doubt the most value I found was from the resume writing. Having another person articulate the achievements and valuable qualities I can provide to a new workplace has been invaluable to my confidence in stepping up to the next set of challenges in my work life”.

Randstad Risesmart participant - transport company

3) technology platform  

RiseSmart’s integrated talent mobility platform provides client teams and RiseSmart teams with a single point of view of each program, in real-time, with on-demand data, and benchmark insights. We are protected with risk mitigation technology at bank security level. Our in-house product teams are continually advancing our AI -fuelled technology which includes proprietary SmartMatch patented semantic job matching software and the industry’s only native mobile app to access the RiseSmart platform from any smart device. 

RiseSmart Insight gives you all the data about what's happening in the programs: the people and the spend, but the human impact as well. I think that is a really critical piece and I don't think there is anything like that in the industry”.

Randstad RiseSmart client - China Gorman

4) career content

We design and develop contemporary, global content that embraces a holistic view of career, not just the next job. In addition to best-in-class career content, we explore wide-ranging topics from purpose to resilience to gig-working and starting your own business. Our content uses accessible, blended delivery – by mobile, PC and web conferencing. 

I found the range of services available particularly useful, the personal Coach, the online portal, webinars and events, and the personal job concierge. Having all these services available through the one provider made a huge difference to me. I was able to login to the portal and keep track of everything in the one place. I have also completed fantastic sessions with my coach”.

Randstad RiseSmart participant - FMCG Industry

5) inclusion 

The first conversation we have with every participating employee includes a mental health check-in by a trained team member. We live and breathe diversity and inclusion in all our solutions, supported by our in-house experts including the managing director. Our career transition solutions are for individuals at every age and stage.

I have found the whole of the experience with Risesmart to have been incredibly valuable. Everyone I have dealt with has been friendly, understanding, helpful, and patient. I have found myself looking to a totally new next chapter which, is exciting and scary at the same time. All the help from coaches to CV writing to zoom sessions has been helpful and insightful. I find myself still very much on this journey, the tools I have explored will continue to help me”.

Randstad RiseSmart participant - wine industry

6) borderless networks

We build community and connection for our clients across APAC with our dedicated SmartTalkHR LinkedIn group and webinar series. Our Randstad recruitment network provides unique referral opportunities for job seekers.

The quality of my coach was excellent, in terms of level of professionalism, counsel, and expertise, but also (and importantly) practical networking. He was the right level of seniority to undertake the assignment and his experience and background as a former senior executive ensured he understood my needs as a client. Seasoned senior executive experience, CEO-level coaching, insightful, and thought-provoking”.

Randstad RiseSmart executive participant

7) a lifetime promise 

We invite every RiseSmart participant to become part of our lifetime alumni with complimentary ongoing access to the RiseSmart platform career resources and an annual resume review. 

People are at the heart of everything we do. Our Randstad RiseSmart team is here to partner with organisations and support people –whatever the trigger for change. We are passionate about helping people go from beginning to beginning; we are with them for the rest of their career”.

Alison Hernandez, Managing Director, APAC

30 November 2020

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