There are two big movements emerging in today’s increasingly disrupted world of work. One is the movement towards highly creative employer-employee models and relationships. The other is the movement towards purpose and meaning in the workplace.

The Employee Relationship Economy – Creative Employment & The Boomerang Employee

In RiseSmart’s recent whitepaper on the Employee Relationship Economy we find that the relationship is no longer end-to-end, but beginning-to-beginning. There’s a new way of working on the horizon. We find more and more people seeking the flexibility to pivot between careers, or between work and personal development. People are now creating for themselves, portfolio livelihoods and cherry-picking projects aligned to their personal and professional needs. They’re also becoming boomerang employees, returning to employers they’ve loved working with previously and whose values they share.

“By 2020, what we classify as creative employment will become the standard in hiring practices. Experts predict that 40 percent of the workforce will be on-demand workers. The best and most sought-after talent will be able to cherry-pick their assignments with companies.”

The Purpose Economy…Meaning is the New Money

Alongside the shift in this new way of working is the Purpose movement, the shift towards creating meaningful workplaces. Leaders are now asking why their company exists beyond making a profit because they truly understand that a higher purpose will be the very thing to attract and keep the best talent. They’re exploring how to pivot their company towards the big WHY – one that unites employees (and other stakeholders) around the common purpose while ensuring everyone is prosperous along the way. And as leaders are exploring organisational purpose, more and more employees are also starting to explore theirs. For many, meaning is becoming the new money. They’re asking – why am I here? What really matters to me? What is the contribution I have to make? How can I bring my own why to work (BYO Purpose)?

“With organisations standing on shifting sands, purpose serves to point us in the right direction. Disruption is causing a rethink of corporate Purpose. Purpose helps companies navigate today’s disrupted world.” Tony Johnson, CEO, Ernst & Young

People are no longer content to wait for retirement to follow their passions and purpose. They want to get started on discovering and creating their purpose now – and be paid for it – no matter where they work or who they work for.

At RiseSmart, we believe it’s entirely possible for every human to build a creative, purpose-driven career, one that helps every human being realise their true potential.

That’s why, in Australia and New Zealand, we’re excited to be partnering with purpose-expert Carolyn Tate, author of The Purpose Project (download an e-sampler of the book) to bring you a series of Deep Dinners and Lunch ‘n Learns to explore the topic of purpose and how to bring it to life in your workplace. Join us to explore your why at work.

Because in the future of work, there will be no endings, just beginnings.

Would you like to discuss purpose further? If you’re in Australia or New Zealand, why not join Carolyn for a Deep Dinner for senior business leaders or a Lunch’n’Learn for managers and employees.

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