On International Women’s Day this year, I was a lucky attendee at the very quickly sold out Adelaide IWD breakfast. It’s usually a sellout event, with over 2,600 people in attendance – but it sold out in 15 minutes, with the high-profile Jane Caro as guest speaker. For women in Adelaide, this is one hot ticket.

Jane Caro is a Walkley Award-winning Australian columnist, author of Accidental Feminists , novelist, broadcaster, advertising writer, documentary maker, feminist and social commentator. She spoke about the 2019 IWD theme “More Powerful Together”. She juxtaposed two stark facts about baby boomer women: they are the first generation of women in the history of the world who have mostly earned their own money for most of their lives and yet, they are the fastest growing group amongst the homeless. How can this be?

Jane’s trademark throw-away lines resonated with the buoyed crowd. Can women have it all? We can’t have it all, we are just expected to do it all. Perhaps the most enthusiastic response from the crowd was her pull-out quote of the day, “Caring is not a woman’s duty, but everybody’s duty.” Imagine the impact on western society if we all took that on? Imagine the impact on women’s careers and how we would structure workplace flexibility if this was a commonly held mantra?

Jane suggests that many women have traded flexibility for financial security.

We are big fans of Jane Caro at RiseSmart, particularly because of her candid Managing Money interview that she recorded with MoneySmart – ASIC’s guide to managing your money. We have used it extensively in our Envisage program – to educate women (and men) about proactively and successfully managing your money, to create the future you want.


Envisage is RiseSmart’s flagship holistic transition coaching framework which inspires participants to visualise what is possible and create their future. On International Women’s Day this year, Alison Monroe presented a mini-Envisage session to women at NBC. We are also holding a special online event soon for selected clients on how Envisage can support women to create a positive and productive future.

We are proud of how Envisage has evolved over fifteen years and how it’s adaptive framework can now be a powerful structure for women to explore how to create a prosperous and productive future. We hope that every woman (and man) who participates in our Envisage programs will make even small changes that can have a big impact on their future.

But don’t just take it from us. Here’s what some of our recent participants say about the impact of Envisage on them:

This has been one of (actually, maybe THE MOST) well run, tight, eloquent, elegant and useful workshops I have ever been to.

I found the seminar illuminating but also sobering. It is so easy in our busy lives to neglect the future and be focused on the here and now. This has been a circuit breaker for me.

Wonderful session – very informative and enjoyable. I’m feeling much more prepared and less anxious about my transition to retirement.

Catriona Byrne, Creative Director at RiseSmart attended the Adelaide IWD Breakfast courtesy of the Adelaide IWD Breakfast Committee

28 March 2019

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