While the full effects of the Covid19 pandemic are still being realised, the world’s economy is at crisis point creating a daunting challenge for organisations. Like many other HR professionals across the globe, you are responsible for restructuring your company’s workforce successfully and farewelling loyal employees in the process.

As an organisation committed to your employees’ wellbeing, helping them navigate their next opportunity is important. You cannot do this alone: you need the help of a high value, high care outplacement company.

We at Randstad RiseSmart, a career transition, talent mobility, and outplacement company, understand the pressures you’re facing whilst restructuring your workforce. Our world class outplacement solutions will  help your HR team develop a strong employer brand, maintain morale and productivity,, and transition impacted talent to a new beginning during this process.

Our high value, high care outplacement services ensure your organisation, and those transitioning out of it, benefit as they create their future.

empowering exiting employees to navigate their next opportunity

Our human-forward approach - combining personalised service and revolutionary technology helps your employees navigate their next opportunity easier, faster, and smarter. The Randstad RiseSmart team-of-three provides positive reinforcement, support, strategies, and resources needed to compete and succeed in a modern job market. A certified coach provides unlimited coaching opportunities and focuses on what is most important to each employee going through outplacement.  A dedicated resume writer will prepare an updated resume and LinkedIn profile to ensure interview selection. Our career concierge provides handpicked job matches and tailored learning opportunities through RiseSmart skilling to close any skills gaps.

The RiseSmart platform provides each individual with a seamless experience - a dashboard of relevant, semantically-matched, and ranked job opportunities as well as networking events and contacts.

Randstad RiseSmart, helps each employee shift from an end-to-end mindset to a beginning-to-beginning framework for action. 

protecting your organisation’s reputation as an employer of choice

In challenging times, as your people go through the outplacement process, it is too easy to damage your employer brand. By choosing Randstad RiseSmart as your outplacement company to provide your exiting employees with career coaching, resume and job concierge services, and access to comprehensive online resources, you can continue to build your employer brand even when it's bad news.

Our fully integrated technology platform means that when organisations partner with us as their outplacement company, we can provide reports on alumni sentiment - collated feedback on how your departing employees feel about your brand once they have completed their program. This data provides you with unique insights into your employer brand and the ROI of outplacement.

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01 October 2020

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