why offer late career transition support?

Workforce demographics are changing as large numbers of workers are nearing the traditional retirement age and the next steps in their career journeys. These individuals may go on to become your consultants, brand ambassadors, and company references. Taking care of them is an investment in their future – and in yours.

future success

  • Gain insights into future workforce gaps
  • Implement succession plans
  • Identify future consultants
  • Create future-ready employees

workforce development

  • Retain institutional knowledge
  • Create mentorships
  • Engage long-term employees

brand image

  • Improve alumni sentiment
  • Develop brand ambassadors
  • Become an employer of choice
  • Build an age-inclusive culture

late career employees discover unique career paths

discover purpose and plan for the future

A certified career coach will lead program participants through a rigorous retirement self-assessment to determine individual motivators and considerations and guide them through the development of a 5-step strategic plan. Mature age employees receive expert advice to effectively identify opportunities and explore new options for creative retirement.

prepare for change

Whether your mature age workers plan to extend their tenures as full-time employees at your organisation, or shift into part-time or consulting roles, move to entrepreneurship, or become volunteers, they’ll get all the professionally-written branding materials and expert guidance they’ll need to accomplish their late-career goals.

create future-ready employees

engage people leaders

  • Leverage workforce data
  • Create awareness
  • Develop an age-management plan – identify risks, challenges and opportunities

empower employees

  • Ignite communication with mature age employees
  • Provide support to embrace change
  • Unlock employees’ true potential

facilitate SME’s knowledge transfer

  • Identify and engage long tenure, subject matter experts
  • Develop strategies for the intentional transfer of knowledge between workforce generations

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