the risesmart difference

Randstad RiseSmart brings together ageing workforce specialists, career transition industry pioneers, and executive coaching professionals, creating an unrivalled force of expertise in career and retirement transition solutions. We offer robust, innovative and award-winning frameworks that empower organisations to create age inclusion and ensure employees are future ready.

why build an age inclusive culture?

A strategy that includes focus on employees in late career is vital against the backdrop of an ageing workforce. Randstad RiseSmart helps organisations manage a multi-generational workforce by building people leader capability, creating future-ready employees and facilitating knowledge transfer. We have partnered with hundreds of
organisations for over a decade to attract, engage, retain or transition employees in late-career. People can work longer - but differently.

future success

  • Gain insights into future workforce gaps
  • Implement succession plans
  • Create future-ready employees

workforce development

  • Engage long-term employees
  • Retain institutional knowledge
  • Create mentorships

brand image

  • Improve alumni sentiment
  • Develop brand ambassadors
  • Become an employer of choice

for people leaders

Engage your people leaders in the business case for proactively managing demographic change through our proven Navigate methodology:

  • Understand demographic change and your workforce profile
  • Fast track the creation of an age management plan and identify key initiatives to reduce risks and leverage the opportunities of an ageing workforce
  • Be confident to have the right conversations and support mature age employees as they make decisions about the future


for employees in late-career

Give employees of all ages, life stages and levels the gift of time to plan for the future.

Use RiseSmart's holistic Envisage program to guide older employeers to:

  • Take a whole-of-life approach to planning their future
  • Ignite action in key focus areas such as identity, money, work, health and relationships
  • Set goals and achieve their desired outcome


for subject matter experts

Identify, capture and transfer knowledge and expertise betweknf workforce generations with the RiseSmart Exchange program, an established framework to:

  • Identify and acknowledge critical knowledge holders or ‘subject matter experts’
  • Facilitate activities to enable the sharing of critical knowledge
  • Determine ongoing methods to store and transfer their knowledge
  • Build a culture of knowledge sharing
  • Build internal capability to facilitate ongoing knowledge supported by the RiseSmart toolkit
  • Significantly reduce the time needed to get successors and new recruits up to speed

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